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Our Mission

CryptoBase Exchange’s mission is to give our users the ultimate passive trading investment experience. Investing with CryptoBase Exchange (FST) is an investment where the general investment portfolio is diversified, a portfolio with various assets that earns the highest returns for the least risk, assets well scrutinized, monitored and conservatively chosen by our team of market analyst, traders and the market makers in our midsts doing the hard work for you, invested funds are spread into this diversified portfolios which has mixtures of the best stocks, currency pairs, fixed income, commodities and of course crypto currencies with bitcoins as the base currency, we also posses astronomical margin leverage which we use to trade the US non-Farm payroll. Diversifications is key as these various assets react differently in their own unique way to the very same economic events that cause upward of downward movements in the market, so we take advantage of that to maximize profits for our investors, of course the company will take a commission directly off the profit we make for you, a win win situation.

Our Story Overview

As an investment company founded in 2015, CryptoBase Exchange has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in foreign exchanges and digital asset trading investment .Our vision is to be the company of the first choice for clients in search of asset management service all around the world. Our experienced team of employees and AI, has the specialized know-how and the right kind of cryptobase needed to monitor market developments, We emphasize on the transparency and quality of transactions, as well as on the efficient management of investment risk associated with our activities.

Our main philosophy is the formation of investment policies and investment proposals through the constant and methodological assessment of current financial conditions within a long-term horizon. Our core strategy is the active management of investment portfolios on the basis of identifying and taking advantage of investment opportunities in all asset classes.

inclusion & diversity

Inclusion and diversity are key to our success. By fully leveraging our diverse experiences, backgrounds and insights, we can inspire innovation, challenge the status quo and create better outcomes for our people and our clients.


CryptoBase Exchange’s senior management team brings together decades of experience in technology, financial services and compliance.

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